Sunrise Acres is SQF 2000 Certified

In 2011, Sunrise Acres Egg Farms became SQF 2000 certified for all three of our shell egg processing plants. SQF is an acronym for Safe Quality Foods and is recognized by retailers and foodservice providers around the world who require a rigorous, credible food safety management system.

Today’s consumers are more educated about the food they’re providing their families and requiring more information about the safety of the food they purchase. One link in the food chain does not get rattled without it affecting the next link. Customers expect more from their retailers and food service providers, who in turn expect more of their suppliers.

Sunrise Acres Egg Farms has always been committed to providing safe, quality foods to consumers. We believe in the quality of our products.

Please see the Sunrise Acres SQF management commitment statement below.

The Sunrise Acres Quality Mission is to understand the requirements of our customers and strive to consistently meet or exceed those expectations in order to produce safe, quality food in accordance with regulatory requirements. We instill confidence in our customers and consumers through safe and efficient processing and packaging of food. With core values of integrity and self-determination, we will be better together and build stronger relationships by keeping our promises.

Senior Management is committed to providing adequate resources for the ongoing development, implementation, maintenance and improvement of the food safety and quality program. Multiple members of the quality team are certified HACCP Managers and SQF Practitioners. These key personnel are responsible and have the authority to organize the tasks and communication required to ensure the effectiveness of the food safety and quality program. This includes but is not limited to training personnel, developing and implementing programs, and overseeing corrective and preventative action affecting product legality and safety.