Regulation Rift

Sunrise appears in an article in June 2012 Michigan Farmer.
Be sure to read “Regulation Rift” by Jennifer Vincent.

One of our new barns that would meet proposed legislation regulations (H.R. 3798)

Below is a small piece of the article; “Regulation Rift: Proposed Regulation Ruffles Some Feathers” by Jennifer Vincent.

For Dick and Bill Patmos, brothers who own a 2 million-hen layer operation, called Sunrise Acres, in Hudsonville, moving toward a uniform standard would ensure their ability to compete with growers in other states. “We realize we’re going to have to change to meet market demand; we just want the entire industry from state to state to have the same standards,” Dick says. “It creates a level playing field, and while we’re not thrilled with having to work with HSUS on this, it’s the first time they have negotiated with integrity in regards to what is best for the future.” On Capitol Hill, H.R. 3798 has been introduced to create the national egg production standards. Lobbyists within animal agriculture are on both sides of the aisle.

Key Points
·         Egg industry, HSUS (Humane Society) agree to a national production standard.
·         Legislation is introduced but has not yet passed.
·         Producers of hogs and other animals opposed.
·         H.R. 3798 would create 124-square-inch housing standard per laying hen.
·         HSUS shifts from state ballots to federal regulations to dictate standards.
·         Not all egg producers are on board with idea, although the vast majority are.